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Recaro Child Seats are Side Impact Crash Tested

Parents always want to know "what's the best seat available?" and the answer to that is that all seats certified for use in the US meet the same crash test standards, so the best seat available is the one the best fits your car, your child, and your lifestyle. The seat should fit the seat design of your car, and not be wedged against the front seats. The seat should be comfortable for your child without having to add untested aftermarket accessories or home-made fixes. And it should match your lifestyle needs for portability.

That said, safety standards in the US only require frontal crash testing for child safety seating devices, whereas the German engineered Recaro child seat offers the added piece of mind of side impact crash testing as well.

Recaro child seats are the only child restraint systems sold in the US to receive documented Side Impact Crash Testing.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released this statement on June 18, 2006:

About 9,700 people were killed in side impacts in 2004. In crashes involving newer model cars in collisions with other passenger vehicles, more driver deaths now occur in cars struck in the side (51 percent) than in the front (44 percent). This contrasts with the past when more deaths occurred in frontal crashes.

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Order with Confidence is the largest Recaro distributor in North America, a division of Speedware Motorsports, has had a very close relationship with Recaro, North America, a division of KeiperRecaro Group, Germany, for the past 15 years. We have watched and waited for their line of child seats to become available in the US, in fact, we were the very first store to carry the full line of child seats.

With their roots in auto racing and airline safety seats, we were so sure of the safety of these child seats that we joined with Recaro to offer these seats across the country. After countless planning meetings with executives from Recaro North America and Recaro Germany, it was decided that Recaro would greatly benefit from our business model, and an exclusive relationship was formed. Recaro endorses this union by contributing their name to our store.

This relationship allows us to directly represent Recaro. From, you can expect integrity, authority, full product knowledge and the highest quality of customer care available anywhere. Whether it is on the Internet or in person, we are here to serve you as the official Recaro Child Seat Center.